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Pricing and Specials:

Field Grown Palms:
These Palms Will Require Our Crane

The cost of our Field Grown Palms is straightforward.  As is common, we sell most of these palms by the meter.  The following applies to palms delivered and planted with our crane-truck.  The cost, generally, and unless otherwise stated, includes:

-We dig the palm on our side.
-We transport the palm to your property.
-We plant the palm in your hole.  Unless prior arrangements have been made, the hole has to be prepared on your side - having to make adjustments is fine, but bigger is always better.
-Root hormone - we provide all field-grown transplants with SuperThrive root hormone or similar.
-A guarantee that the palm will survive it's transplant1

All of the following palms, unless otherwise noted, are measured along the cane or trunk and does not include the much taller fronds.  As is typical of the industry, Royal Palms are measured from the ground to 50 cm above the mark on the palm where the green crown-shaft begins - all prices in USD:

-Royal Palms   $200.00/meter
-Queen Palms $100.00/meter
-Coco Palms   $200.00/meter - It must be pointed out that our Cocos are not all cramped together, and have had plenty of room to grow into fat, healthy coco palms
-Date Palms    $200.00/meter
-Triangle Palms  $200.00/meter
-Royal Jelly Palms - dependent on size
-Traveler Palm - dependent on size - we sell the larger of these to viveros, who bring their own crane, for $500.00/per

1 - if your palm survives for 3 months, it has survived the transplant.  After this the palm has to survive it's new owners!  Sometimes a palm will not survive, and as long as access has not changed, ie, we can still get to or safely reach with our crane to where your palm needs replacing, we will replace it.  If access has been closed off and we cannot reach your palm, we will either supply you with a palm, and you can hire a bigger crane with more reach to replace the palm - this crane is your expense, or we can negotiate appropriate measures in the form of either a more valuable but smaller palm, or more than one smaller palms or the like.  In the unfortunate circumstance where a palm dies it is our ambition to ensure the customer is happy with the remedy.


Potted Palms:

Palms Sold In Cultivation Pots

We have many thousands of potted palms - over 30 different species of palms and cycads in pots.  We have palms in 1 gallon pots to palms in 65 gallon pots.  Pricing is dependent on species and size.  Many different factors dictate cost.  Some seeds are very rare and expensive.  Some seeds take a year of care just to propagate.  Some species of palms grow faster than others.  We have palms in pots for $6.00 to big Bismarks that sell for $300.00 - $400.00 each.  If you have a certain palm in mind and cannot come by for a visit, or if you are just getting prices, contact us and describe the species & size you are after and we can give you a price.  Our prices are very competitive, most all the big Viveros in Los Cabos have bought palms from us.



Potted Blue Hesper Palms - $25.00/Per:

We have lots of potted Blue Hesper Palms.  Come and pick out the ones you want for only $25.00 each.  Blue Hesper Palms are native to Baja, and are the bluest in color of all palms, and send out multiple fantasitc cream colored inflorescence (flower/seed bunch) that reach almost to the ground even on big, mature specimens.  Click here to go to the photo gallery page to see Blue Hespers.

Potted Queen Palms - $15.00/Per:
These palms are 6' and some are even 8' tall from the ground to the top.  These work great in a bunch or in a row - groupings of these palms are particularly handsome.  These are a self-cleaning feather-leafed palm with a wispy crown which softens architectural lines, or make for beautiful silhouettes against big vistas.  Click here to go to the photo gallery page to see Queen Palms.

Field Grown Queen Palms - $50.00/meter
Dig them yourself or hire someone to dig them.  Our plantation Manager can instruct you on how to dig these palms, Maximino (Nepo) Nepomuceno Mendoza - 612.152.6785.  This is a great opportunity to acquire some bigger palms for relatively little money.  There is currently nobody there to operate the crane truck - this one is up to you to do or organize!
Click here to go to the photo gallery page to see Queen Palms.

Potted Washingtonians - $5.00/Per:

Buy a bunch of them - we're blowing them out!


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