Crane Truck Available for:
  • Landscape boulders
  • Solar panels
  • Hot-tubs
  • Spiral staircases
  • Palm removal
We have massive specimens and the equipment to move and plant them at your property or project.

We can advise on soil, and a watering regimen to ensure your palms grow & thrive.

                                                 Huerta del Pacifico
                                                                                                    Todos Santos BCS

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Welcome to Huerta del Pacifico.  Whether you are a landscape architect working on massive projects, or a home-owner looking for palms to take home in your pick-up, we have your palms.

A little about us ...

Scott Shinn began buying the land that Huerta Del Pacifico's palms reside & thrive on 20 years ago.  Scott bought the land in different stages over several years, and now Huerta Del Pacifico encompasses over 24 000 m2.  From the beginning, it was Scott's vision to have a palm plantation - with this vision, he began planting right away.  Most every one of the over 10 000 palms at Huerta Del Pacifico has been planted from seed in the ensuing years to present.  Scott is a bonafide palm cognoscente, and has brought great diversity and organization to Huerta Del Pacifico which now boasts over 30 different species of palms & cycads, including many massive specimens ...

there is always a minimum of
2 full-time employees working the plantation daily under the knowledgable guidance of our Plantation Manager, Maximino Nepomuceño Mendoza (Nepo).  Nepo owns a coffee plantation on the mainland, and if you ask Nepo, he will show you some coffee plants he is growing at Huerta Del Pacifico.  Nepo has a deep understanding of how to grow healthy plants, and his work ethic is second to none.  To illustrate this, SEMERNAP, the equivalent to the USDA, must inspect plantations and the like yearly for plague, and other potential problems that could spread.  The last two years running, the inspectors have commented that they've not seen a more healthy, organized plantation in all of Southern Baja.

The future,
for Huerta Del Pacifico, will see even more diversity being introduced, more equipment being purchased, and more satisfied clients.  Dean McQuillen became partners with Scott Shinn a few years ago, and Huerta Del Pacifico began selling and moving lots of palms.  It is our intention to continue this trend and see where it takes us ...

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